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PJ fleet expands to 18 club boats

Jules Hall

Over the winter we were extremely lucky to be gifted 11 Pittwater Junior (PJ) dinghies by Manly Yacht Club, bringing our total fleet to 18 boats.

PJs are awesome boats for kids to learn on. They’re easy to rig (no shrouds!), they don’t fill with water when they capsize (awesome!) and with just two ropes to worry about they are super easy for kids to get to grips with.

The additional boats means that for the first time we will be providing club boats for Discover Sailing, Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2. That means you wont need to buy a boat until you’ve completed two years of sailing at the club. Result!

For the die hard Sabot fans (and those who already own a boat) your kids will be able to participate in Start Sailing Sailing 1 & 2 courses in their own Sabot if they prefer.