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The best way to find out about the club is to visit us and meet some members.

The club is open on Sundays during terms 4 and 1 from 8.30am until about 4pm.

Our club is run by volunteers, so if your query cannot answered by the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and you’ve had a good look through the website, then send us a message and we will get back to you, hopefully within a couple of days.


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Terms & Conditions

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Risk Warning

This risk warning is issued jointly by the Vaucluse Amateur 12ft. Sailing Club (“VA12SC”) and Roads & Maritime Services (“RMS”), pursuant to the Civil Liability Act 2002 to all persons wishing to participate in the sailing activities conducted by the VA12SC. Participants are warned, that regardless of the precautions which might be taken by reasonable and experienced persons, sailing can be a dangerous pursuit and participants are exposed to significant risk of property damage, physical harm, and possibly death. As an indication these risks may include but are not limited to:

  • The extremes of weather and sea conditions

  • The potential that control of vessels may be lost resulting in collision with objects or other vessels

  • The sudden movement of the vessel at any time and the possibility that participants may fall or be thrown overboard resulting in drowning.

  • The possibility that participants may be injured by equipment on the vessel

  • The absence of immediate medical care and the likelihood that significant delays may occur before medical care is available

  • Exposure to the elements for extended periods. VA12SC and RMS also warn participants that regardless of their best intentions, they may be unable to render assistance to participants who are in distress.

Participants are warned to consider the above risks and all other risks before deciding to participate in any events with the VA12SC. Participants are also advised that although the VA12SC is covered by third party liability insurance that this insurance does not extend to participants. Any participant who considers they have a need for insurance must make their own private arrangements with an insurer.


The attention of all participants in activities of the VA12SC is drawn to the above Risk Warning in addition to the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (“RRS”) promulgated by World Sailing, specifically Part 1, Fundamental Rule - Rule 4 which covers the decision to race.

Each participant and his or her parent or guardian acknowledges that he or she

  • has read the Risk Warning

    rticipates in activities conducted by the VA12SC at his or her own risk and responsibility

    • excludes the VA12SC from all liability including but not limited to liability for negligence

    • accepts that the VA12SC is not responsible for the seaworthiness of any boat whose entry to race is accepted or adequacy of its equipment but that VA12SC reserves the right to refuse any entry,

    • accepts that VA12SC may limit activities of individual junior members at VA12SC as it sees fit,

    • indemnifies the VA12SC from any claims arising from an act or omission of the participant, and

    • accepts that the VA12SC, its executive, boards, committee, servants and agents and all other parties involved with the conduct and organisation of activities conducted by the VA12SC disclaim any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury, death or inconvenience that might occur to persons or property, both ashore or at sea as a consequence of participation in activities conducted by the VA12SC.

Use of Contact Details, Images & Emails

Contact details provided to VA12SC by members, including email addresses, will be used by VA12SC to communicate with members as required. Email addresses may be shared with VA12SC boat classes’ Associations. No email addresses will be shared with VA12SC sponsors or marketing partners. Images of sailors, members and the club will be taken and used in accordance with VA12SC’s policy.