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The best way to find out about the club is to visit us and meet some members.

The club is open on Sundays during terms 4 and 1 from 8.30am until about 4pm.

Our club is run by volunteers, so if your query cannot answered by the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and you’ve had a good look through the website, then send us a message and we will get back to you, hopefully within a couple of days.


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Annual Family Membership


Annual Family Membership

sabots on beach.jpg
sabots on beach.jpg

Annual Family Membership

from 565.00

Only complete this form if you are an existing member renewing your membership or a new member who has already had a membership application approved.

By sending a membership renewal to Vaucluse Amateur 12 foot Sailing Club (VA12SC), any of its officers, or any of its members, you:

1) Acknowledge having read the Risk Warning, Release of Liability and Conditions 

2) Agree to be bound by its term

3) Further you confirm that your boat has adequate insurance cover and that you will be able to show evidence of your insurance at any time. You agree that if you are found to racing without adequate insurance then you will be ruled ineligible to race until you have adequate insurance and you will not receive any points for races in which you competed without insurance.

5) If you participate in racing, you agree to be bound by these conditions of race entry and by the racing rules of World Sailing, by the prescriptions and special regulations of Australian Sailing, the VA12SC Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions of the VA12SC as they apply to each race on VA12SC Club Race Days for the class of boat you race.

In addition we draw your attention to the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) promulgated by World Sailing, specifically Part 1, Fundamental Rule - Rule 4 which covers the decision to race. Each participant and his or her parent or guardian acknowledges that he or she has read the Risk Warning

  • participates in activities conducted by the VA12SC at his or her own risk and responsibility

  • excludes the VA12SC from all liability including but not limited to liability for negligence

  • accepts that the VA12SC are not responsible for the seaworthiness of any boat whose entry to race is accepted or adequacy of its equipment but that VA12SC reserves the right to refuse any entry,

  • accepts that VA12SC may limit activities of entrants under 18 years old as it sees fit,

  • indemnifies the VA12SC from any claims arising from an act or omission of the participant, and

  • accepts that the VA12SC, its executive, boards, committee, servants and agents and all other parties involved with the conduct and organisation of activities conducted by the VA12SC disclaim any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury, death or inconvenience that might occur to persons or property, both ashore or at sea as a consequence of participation in activities conducted by the VA12SC.

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