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The best way to find out about the club is to visit us and meet some members.

The club is open on Sundays during terms 4 and 1 from 8.30am until about 4pm.

Our club is run by volunteers, so if your query cannot answered by the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and you’ve had a good look through the website, then send us a message and we will get back to you, hopefully within a couple of days.


123 Street Avenue, City Town, 99999

(123) 555-6789


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Membership Fees

Family Joining Fee (new members only) - $250

Individual Joining Fee (new members only) - $55

Annual Family Membership Fee - $565

Annual Individual Membership Fee - $225

Coaching Fees

Discover Sailing, Start Sailing 1 & 2, Better Sailing (2 hours coaching/week)

Term 4 & Term 1 Coaching (per sailor, per term) - $395

Start Racing, Better Racing (1 hours coaching/week)

Term 4 & Term 1 Coaching (per sailor, per season) - $395

Storage Fees (per annum)

Dinghy Storage - Vertical (Sabots) - $150

Dinghy Storage - Horizontal (bottom racks) - $290

Dinghy Storage - Horizontal (middle & top racks) - $225

Tenders (subject to availability of rack space) - $290

Dinghy Hire (per season)

Subject to Club Dinghy Usage Agreement

Sabots - $700

Flying Eleven - $850

Cherub - $950